Plant Your Flag Fest 2020

An online musical event to Get Out the Vote!

Thanks to everyone who joined us on June 14 for Plant Your Flag Fest!

The video of the festival will stay up on our YouTube channel -- please feel free to share it with others!

Take your stand. Plant your flag. Cast your vote.

On Flag Day 2020, join us for a triple bill of rising indie Texas artists, making their voices heard to encourage everyone to register, vote, and spread the importance of making change happen.

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Photo looking down jeans-clad legs at feet in red, white and blue tennis shoes in a V, followed by the letters O, T, and E in chalk on the sidewalk

Our generation is sitting on a treasure.

That treasure is millions and millions of votes. The value of that treasure can be seen in how badly our politicians want -- or fear -- those votes. Those votes are tools we can use to shape our world and create a more just society -- but like any tool, they only have impact if we put them to work.

We claim that power by registering to vote (and verifying that our info is up-to-date), making a plan to vote in the next election (and every election), and making sure everybody we know is committed to join us.

We increase that power by holding candidates and elected officials accountable for the change and justice we need, by calling their offices, investing time or money, getting visible and making noise.

We celebrate that power by doing it together, doing it with music, and doing it loud.


...with support from...

Boerne Area Democrats
Democratic Party of Kendall County
Kerr County Democratic Party

Kevin & Sandy Henning • Veronica Ontiveros • The Rosenberger Family

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